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The hour of the dragon

The Lion Banner sways and falls in the horror-haunted gloom;

A scarlet dragon rustles by, borne on winds of doom.

In heaps the shining horsemen lie, where the thrusting lances break,

And deep in the haunted mountains, the lost, black gods awake.

Dead hands grope in the shadows, the starts turn pale with fright,

For this is the Dragon’s Hour, the triumph of Fear and Night.


Well, this reasonably well-known poem by Robert E. Howard sure was a different way of telling you that we have a new blog called SharePoint Dragons ( which makes things a lot more manageable for us. We also have a new web site at . It’s an Office 365 web site and it’s a deliberate move on our side, because we expect great things in the future of this platform. The greatest thing to us right now about Office 365 is the whopping size of our mailboxes: 25 GB each! Of course this means our e-mail addresses have changed too:

Nikander can be reached at nikander at loisandclark dot eu

Margriet can be reached at margriet at loisandclark dot eu

We’ll be discontinuing our old web site, e-mail addresses, and blog at in a couple of months from now.

Kind regards,

Nikander & Margriet

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