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Top 10 SharePoint Blogs of January 2013

Completely scientific and impartial, the blog top 10 of Jan 2013 (max number of points is unlimited):

Top 10 SharePoint Blogs of December 2012

Based on strict scientific methodologies, the top 10 of best individual SharePoint blogs of December 2012:

  1. Steve Peschka at , loved the piece about SAML and FBA sites. This month’s info was enough to secure the first place!
  2. Andrew Connell at , for being ever productive.
  3. Adam Buenz at , lots of original info here
  4. Jeremy Thake at , but, did the URL change? We must have made some mistake.
  5. Tom van Gaever at , for providing several useful PowerShell scripts
  6. Tobias Zimmergren at , multiple pieces of good info such as searching 2013 using REST
  7. Dux Raymond Sy at , nice resources about developing requirements
  8. Paul Grimley at , nice info about upgrading from 2010 to 2013
  9. Stefan Gossner at , for helping us keeping up to date.
  10. Joel Oleson at Not counting all the advertisements, there was still some good other info on it, just enough to warrant it a 10th place. We liked his drag and drop contribution.