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Where are the SharePoint 2013 Search Suggestions?

What to do when search suggestions don’t show up? Run the “prepare query suggestions” timer job!

If you set up search suggestions (as described in ) you may notice that no suggestions drop down from the search bar. That makes sense, because they only appear after the “prepare query suggestion” timer job has run. You can force this via PowerShell like this:

Start-SPTimerJob -Identity “prepare query suggestions”

We’ve added the following TechNet Wiki page that describes how to do that: It will contain any updates to this tip.


Based on the content of:

The Definitive Feature Overview Overview?

The SharePoint 2013 Best Practices page contains an overview of all SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online feature overviews that are really worth your time:

Small SharePoint Free e-Book

In case you’re interested, this a small and free e-book about SharePoint 2013:

SharePoint 2013 Best Practices

The SharePoint 2013 Best Practices was updated again and is becoming more extensive:

It’s the SharePoint Flavored Weblog Reader again!


We’ve released SFWR v1.3.

What is it?

“The IIS logs are an invaluable way to get to know your web application and your end users once it’s in production. Therefore, having a tool to analyze IIS logs is in invaluable asset in your bag of tricks. Especially if this tool has a certain SharePoint flavor added to it…”

What’s the update?

“Not everybody has the same IIS logging settings, that’s why SFWR uses the DLR to support this. Nevertheless, there were certain reports that threw exceptions and caused processing to halt because they expect certain data to be present (mainly bytes sent and bytes received). v1.3 uses a little Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) to make sure all report calculation errors are handled.”

Where to  get it?

Query Error

Interesting, if you execute a search query programmatically for the first time after an iisreset (using searchExecutor.ExecuteQueries(keywordQuery, handleException);) it fails miserably. This is a known defect that will be fixed in the Feb CU.

Setting a Reference to SharePoint 2013’s Microsoft.SharePoint.dll

A quick tip: someone asked us how to set a reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.dll, because searching for the terms how to set reference to server object model in “sharepoint 2013” didn’t provide results. A simple thing. Just add a reference and click Extensions, like so (don’t forget to set the platform target to x64, otherwise it won’t function correctly without really telling you):


MCSM Certification

Recently, MS announced the new SharePoint 2013 exam plans and we found there’s lots of interest in the community. Yes, it’s going to be all different again. We contacted MS to shed some light on it, focusing on the new Microsoft Certificated Masters SharePoint (MCSM) certification. The most exciting thing is that there is now a hybrid format available of the exam, that only requires you to be away for a week (one week of instructor-led training at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA, followed by ten weeks of twice weekly, four-hour remotely-delivered interactive training sessions, state-of-the art lab environments are provided during the eleven week training program), great if you have a family! Bare costs for the exam are $18,500 (look here for more info).

First, check out this: Microsoft Certified Masters SharePoint

There are some prerequisites. If you start training before December 31, 2013:

· MCSA: Windows Server 2012

For training starting on or after January 1, 2014:

· MCSA: Windows Server 2012

· MCSE: SharePoint

· MCSD: SharePoint Applications (not yet released)

Check out the Detailed course contents and Program overview briefing 

To view the upcoming schedule, click here

Napa shortcut note to self

Better not forget the shortcut in Napa for seeing all shortcuts in Napa: CTRL + ,


The following script automates SharePoint 2013 installation and is based on PowerShell: It’s quite cool!