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What are the options for reusing PPS 2010?

If you want to reuse Performance Point Services 2010 in a non-SharePoint environment, there are a couple of options available:

  • The easiest way to reuse the UI would be via WSRP, but that’s not supported by PPS.
  • Screen scraping is another possibility, but that’s a hack.
  • You can <iframe> a dashboard, but then, the SharePoint UI is still visible.

PPS itself offers the following possibilities:

  • If you view a dashboard in the browser, it directly interacts with the BIMonitoringServiceApplicationProxy. The proxy communicates to the PPS shared service (a WCF service called BIMonitoringService.svc). You can try to leverage that.
  • If you’re creating a cuustom page you can talk to the rendering web service (PPSRenderingService.json) which eventually also talks to the BIMonitoringServiceApplicationProxy.
  • You can talk to the Authoring web service (PPSAuthoringService.asmx) that eventually also talks to the BIMonitoringServiceApplicationProxy.

And those are the options that are there for you.