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Tale of Two Gunslingers

Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings

Margriet’s latest TechNet Wiki blog post is here: It talks about a new ranking mechanism that’s aiming to get you some cool prizes, such as the MCC award. So check it out and let’s hear what you think!

Remember the Promise you made

Check out Margriet’s latest TechNet Wiki Blog Post at: Interestingly enough, the name of the group performing the song “The Promise You Made”, didn’t make it thru the censorship and is now called **** Robin. Oh, well.

Drinking the Poison Cup

The Perpetuum Mobile

The Super Secret Wiki Ninja Secret

Margriet’s Wiki Ninja post called “The Super Secret Wiki Ninja Secret” can be found here:

The TOC Template to Best Practice Pattern

What 1 Fool May Ask Of You

Nice resource about Wiki pages

We stumbled upon this nice resource about working with SharePoint Wiki pages:

The TechNet Wiki interview with Margriet