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Nikander & Margriet on SharePoint


Margriet & Nikander Bruggeman are .NET professionals specializing in building .NET applications using the latest Microsoft technology. Nikander & Margriet are mainly living in the Netherlands. Their work includes software design, development, consulting and training. In the past they’ve been given the prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft for their work on the SharePoint Portal Server platform. They were co-authors of ten books about SharePoint, see for more information. Other publications include articles for TechNet, SharePoint Advisor, XML Developer, Smart Access, MSD2D, ASPToday and .NET magazine. Nikander & Margriet have presented seminars at Technet, the Microsoft SharePoint launch event (in the Netherlands) and Heliview.

Nikander can be reached at nikander at loisandclark dot eu.

Margriet can be reached at margriet at loisandclark  dot eu.

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