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Office 365 Terminology Update

The old Office 365 P1 plan in the new 2013 release becomes Office 365 Small Business and is intended for companies of 1-10 persons, if you want to have the Office 365 clients as well, it’s called Office 365 Small Business Premium. The Administration UI is kept to the absolute minimum.

For companies of 11-250 persons, its called Office 365 Midsize Business. It has a more advanced Administration UI and more capabilities.

For companies of 250+ persons, its called Office 365 Enterprise, which has an Education variant (which only has a different licensing model) and a Government version that is only available in the US and has a completely isolated Data Center.

Sending e-mail from SharePoint Online

When creating emails in workflows in SharePoint Online, they’re being sent from the following e-mail address: This can’t be changed as the e-mail address is maintained at the farm level and therefore is the same for all customers.

What to do? Create an e-mail forwarding account that SharePoint Online sends to. Use custom code to process the incoming e-mails and send them out via the “official” e-mail address. For more info, see: