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Small Windows Trick to be used for Excel files

Suppose you have a folder filled with dozens of Excel files, and you want to merge all of them together in one go, here’s a small trick you can apply:

1) Open a command prompt.

2) Go to the folder that contains all Excel files.

3) Type: copy *.csv test.csv

Presto, the result is 1 file called test.csv that is the result of the merge of all other files! A little trick that some day will save a lot of time!

One response to “Small Windows Trick to be used for Excel files

  1. m00ntear April 22, 2014 at 11:26 am

    Yes and no. You said “Excel files” and Excel files would be *.xls and *.xlsx files. These you can’t just merge together like that. You actually are merging CSV files or comma seperated value files – plain text files. These can be merged, just like you could merge e.g. *.txt or *.log files. With binary formats such as *.xls and *.xlsx it wouldn’t work.

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