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Third-Party JavaScript

As technical reviewers, we see a lot of books. We feel that Third-party JavaScript is a great book with a horrible title. During review, we’ve commented on the title several times, and suggested to replace it with something like “Enterprise JavaScript”, but the title lasted. This is a sad thing, but don’t judge the book by its title. This is truly a great book that takes writing JavaScript to the next level. We mean, JavaScript is a fun language, and after jQuery we were quite impressed with where you can take this language, but this book has brought our understanding of the language to a whole new level – that is saying something, as we have worked with JavaScript since it’s v1.0 version was released way back when. We’ve even worked with Netscape’s LiveWire (server-side JavaScript aeons before Node.js, btw, why do people love server-side JavaScript, we lived in that world and were quite happy to leave!).

To us, this book is about writing enterprise-level JavaScript code, a topic important in a time where SharePoint devs have to depend upon CSOM so much. It covers:

  • Distributing and loading JS applications
  • Rendering HTML and CSS
  • Communicating with the server
  • Cross-domain IFrame messaging
  • Authentication and sessions
  • Security
  • Developing a 3rd party JS SDK
  • Performance
  • Debugging and Testing

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