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Arduino in Action

As you may be used from our blog, we devote some attention to the books we were technical reviewers of. Before we start with the review of Arduino in Action ( ), one quick word. People ask us why there are no books about esoteric topic X or topic Y. The answer is simple: the market is simply too small to justify the time and effort it takes to write about such topics. This was our biggest fear for this book: is the Arduino audience big enough to provide some type of ROI for the authors? We hope so.

Arduino is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, open source hardware and software platform that allows you to control all types of cool sensors, LEDs and what not. This book describes that don’t even come close to our daily software activities, but it did make us feel like a bunch of inventors. Especially the chapter about wearables is a gem, we can imagine a future world filled with them!

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