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App prediction November 2012

In spite of Apps development being the best practice for SharePoint 2013, we expect that the additional overhead of App architecture, deployment, configuration, and management will push on-premise customers to the Farm solution customization model. For Office 365 deployments, it is clear the App model is quite a natural fit and will be by far the most popular customization model. Let’s see how things turn out a year from now…

One response to “App prediction November 2012

  1. Eric Fang November 16, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    I like the idea of “App model”, just concern about three aspects:

    1. Performance
    The network latency must be horrible, especially if there is no local data centre. (the network latency will be more than 100ms)

    2. Integration with other system which is hosted by another cloud provider
    Can we access Office 365 through GOOGLE account?

    3. Internet access fee
    In Australia, many ISPs apply “per gigabyte” excess charges to downloads beyond the monthly download quota.

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