SharePoint Dragons

Nikander & Margriet on SharePoint


In SharePoint 2010, the default master page was called v4.master (there’s logic in this name), in SharePoint 2013 RC it was called v15.master (there’s also logic in that name, but inconsistent with the previous version), and now, in SharePoint 2013 RTM all of a sudden it became seattle.master. What is up with that? From Microsoft, you would have expected something more professional. It takes us back to the days when we did a .NET project (a normal business application) and one of the developers named a page KnockOnMyDoor.aspx. After further inspection, his method names were even weirder, non-descriptive and the only thing consistent about it was that all the weird names appealed to his weird sense of humor. Maybe tomorrow we wake up it turns out it was all a bad dream and that there is no seattle.master.

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