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Biggest drawbacks of SharePoint 2013 App Model

We feel that most people would agree that the introduction of the SharePoint 2013 App model is the biggest architectural change in SharePoint 2013. We feel it’s a logical step and we have faith that eventually the App model will turn out fine, but we have our doubts how the APP model will work out initially. For now, these seem to be the biggest drawbacks of the App model:

  • Apps can leverage a basic stylesheet of the referring SharePoint site, but for sure until so far the UI integration between Apps and SharePoint doesn’t look seamless at all. The Apps that are available right now from the SharePoint App Store seem to be struggling with this a lot. This is going to be a huge pain point, customers will expect integration to look naturally and for now it’s a big question mark if the tools provided to App developers allow them to deliver.
  • Apps will need to rely heavily on JavaScript and asynchronous REST API calls/client OM calls to interact with the associated SharePoint context. Apps mostly built using JavaScript: we fear the code will become a huge spaghetti mess.
  • Sahil Malik brings up an interesting point in , although App/SharePoint communication leverages OAuth, will it be safe? Sahil raises some serious doubts concerning the current implementation, and expects the burden of providing a secure solution will be placed on the shoulders of every App developer.
  • After a SharePoint App has successfully obtained Full permissions, in principle there is nothing from stopping a vendor from modifying that web application to do something different (and evil?).
  • The new App model brings a lot more cross-server communication with it. Will this impact the performance noticeably, will Apps be perceived as sluggish?

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