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Workflow Loops in SharePoint Designer 2013

Loops have been a much requested feature for SharePoint Designer that has been added in v2013. We have seen lots of developers and power users asking for it. In SharePoint 2010, workflow Loops where only available in Visual Studio 2010 as it was considered too dangerous to hand the power of Loops and its possible disastrous side-effects to power users. One misconstrued infinite loop in a custom workflow could have a definite impact on SharePoint farm performance. Now, since SharePoint 2013 workflows run outside the SharePoint farm (in Windows Azure Workflow, WAW), such risks are considered to be acceptable. As a side note and recurring trend: again the SharePoint 2013 platform does its best to take all code out of the farm.

One response to “Workflow Loops in SharePoint Designer 2013

  1. Robert Kuzma October 10, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Finally! I was also looking forward for that functionality. It is just a year ago I faced an issue that would need that kind of a workflow.

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