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Apps causing client-side mess?

The mantra of SharePoint 2013 seems to be: “Must get all the evil custom code out of SharePoint” (whether that will be workflows, InfoPath, or farm solutions). Is it just us or is the new best practice of creating Apps for SharePoint 2013 leading to a big mess of so-called “client-side pattern” cum “spaghetti” code? At this point, it feels as if MS is catapulting SharePoint devs back into a time where JavaScript was the main tool of the trade (or, as is suggested here, you should build business logic using client-side JavaScript: It seems that in one or two new versions of SharePoint from now we all will be saying: “of course this old development style lead to all kinds of problems and messy code, luckily now we have a development environment that fully supports OO client-side development”… Anyway, this Wiki page contains a link to some of the emerging design patterns for Apps for SharePoint 2013:

One response to “Apps causing client-side mess?

  1. Sean Moran September 25, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    I attended #SPSRed this weekend and was struck by how much the new model looks like the old ASP model, particularly insofar as the Napa development environment. I agree that the deployment and maintenance of managed code in SharePoint can become very difficult, especially over time and SP releases. It was our #1 issue when migrating from MOSS to 2010. We are looking forward to figuring out “the middle way”, so to speak.

    Enjoyed your book, BTW.

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