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Full Trust Solutions in SharePoint 2013

We’ve never seen a version of SharePoint where so much information was already available during beta release. We did notice though that a lot of articles contrasting farm solutions, sandboxed solutions, and Apps use the terms farm solutions and full trust solutions interchangeably (even so in MSDN documentation).We  don’t think this is fair, because it implies that farm solutions can’t run without full trust. The opposite is true, farm solutions can run under very fine grained security policies. We do know where the confusion is coming from, a new change in SharePoint 2013 is that now, the default CAS policy that is used us Full Trust, instead of wss_minimal:

<trust level=”Full” originUrl=”” legacyCasModel=”true” />

In effect, this will mean that by default, a SharePoint 2013 farm solution will run under full trust, which makes it a full trust solution. Things didn’t use to be like that, and we feel this is definitely a step backwards for the latest version of SharePoint. At this point, all we know that this change is caused by the fact that the full trust is needed by .NET 4?! We don’t have more specifics, and we don’t know if SharePoint  2013 is able to run under a different trust model without breaking.

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