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Continuous Integration in .NET

We find CI in .NET a difficult topic, because you’ll typically need assemble a lot of different building blocks. It’s not a luxury to have a book paving the directions for you. The book CI in .NET by Kawalerowicz ( does exactly this. We’ve been technical proofreaders for this book, and it was fun to do so. The book discusses:

  • What is CI?
  • Setting up various source control systems
  • Automating the build process
  • Choosing CI servers
  • Getting continuous feedback
  • Continuous Unit testing
  • Performing integration, system, and acceptance testing
  • Analyzing code using FxCop, StyleCop, NDepend, and TeamCity
  • Generating documentation via XML or Sandcastle
  • Deployment and delivery
  • Continuous database integration
  • Extending CI

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