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Colligo Briefcase

It looks like Colligo succeeded in bridging the gap between SharePoint and iPad (or iPhone) with their product Colligo Briefcase. Colligo Briefcase ( is a secure solution to work with SharePoint on an iPad/iPhone or iPod. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Colligo Briefcase:

  • You can view all your SharePoint files, including Office documents, PDFs, images and emails with the appropriate icons.
  • You can edit files, lists and metadata, even while offline and sync these changes when you’re online again.
  • You can choose what you want to sync, so you can choose to sync only the documents that you need.
  • You have a Favorites option where you can add documents that you want to access very often.
  • Using the search capabilities makes it easy to find content.

Installing and configuring Colligo Briefcase is rather simple. You can find Colligo Briefcase in the App Store. After installing the tool you will find an icon on your device. Next is the configuring part, by clicking the Colligo Briefcase icon you will be able to add a SharePoint site. The basic things you have to know are: Url, Username and Password. But that shouldn’t be a problem because you’re using SharePoint all the time ;-). You can also set the sync interval (there are several choices), the storage limit (from 20 MB to Unlimited) and the lists to sync (which lists do you want to sync on your device). After configuring these settings and clicking Done Colligo will start syncing your content:


Using Colligo Briefcase is very intuitive. On the left you will find the lists (as you’re used to have in SharePoint). By selecting a list you will get an overview of the contents of that list on the right. Okay, it is not SharePoint but it works almost the same. You have to get used to it but that will take only 30 minutes and after that you can work on your iPad in your SharePoint site.

A cool feature of Colligo Briefcase is the preview option. You can select a document library, click on a document and click Preview. You can also read the full version but a preview version is handy to know if you’ve got the right document.


If you are looking for a product to work with on your Apple device, you should definitely take a look at Colligo Briefcase. Right now Colligo Briefcase has a special launch price of $2.99, plus it’s a universal app so you can install it on both your iPad and iPhone!

One response to “Colligo Briefcase

  1. Mike Valley August 24, 2012 at 7:57 am

    Thanks for writing about this – I just installed the app and it works great for me. Very cool having all my lists and documents offline! I use a lot of drawings in PDF format which is great to have.

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