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Can I leave the lights on?

Somebody wanted to know what would happen if:

  1. You add a user to an AD group
  2. You give SharePoint site access to each member of this group
  3. The end user accesses the SharePoint site
  4. You remove a user from a group
  5. The end user doesn’t log off from his desktop and maintains the token he got from AD
  6. The next day, the end user tries to access the SharePoint site again.

As you would expect, the end user won’t be able to access the SharePoint site. In Windows authentication mode, every time an end user is validated a session cookie is set containing an MSCSAuth ticket ( ). No explicit expiration data is set for this cookie, and the cookie will be deleted automatically after the session expires. This happens after a period of inactivity. This time out period is 20 minutes by default and is set in the TimeOut property of the SessionStateSection class ( ).

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