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How to change the Created By column

Sometimes you don’t want a column, for example the Created By column, to be a link to user info but just plain text.  You can do this very easy with SharePoint Designer:

  1. First of all you have to open your SharePoint list in SharePoint Designer
  2. In the Views section, select the view that you want to modify


  3. Go to the Design view of the selected view
  4. Click on any name displayed in the Created By column
  5. Go to the List View Tools in the ribbon and select the Design tab
  6. Click Customize XSLT in the Actions section and select Customize Item


  7. Check if the name you selected earlier (Step 4) is still selected and click Delete.


  8. Go to the Current Date Source and select Author.title


  9. Drag Author.title to the place where you deleted the name from (Step 7)

Save the view in SharePoint Designer en refresh your SharePoint site to take a look at the result.

Note: This change is only made for this particular view of a list. If you would have another view, that view would still use the Created By column with a hyperlink.

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