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Application Pages: Auto Activate to Central Admin

Application pages are a special type of ASP.NET pages. An application page is designed to be used in a SharePoint site and uses a SharePoint master page. Using a master page you ensure that the application pages have the same look and feel as the other SharePoint pages. It is also possible to use an application page in SharePoint Central Administration.

The following MSDN article is a guideline for building application pages for SharePoint Central Administration:

Let’s take a look at the following Note:


There is another way to make sure that your feature is activated on the Central Administration Web site, just follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your Visual Studio project.
  2. In Solution Explorer, expand Features and expand your custom feature.
  3. Double click the .feature file.
  4. Take a look at the properties and set the Auto Activate in Central Admin property to True


  5. Press F5 to deploy and test your solution

Note: You cannot set the local site to the URL of your Central Administration Web site and the Auto Activate in Central Admin property to True. You have to choose which solution you want to use.

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