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PowerShell and WMI

In our professional career, we’ve written/co-authored/contributed 10+ IT books, were technical reviewers of dozens of IT books, and have read 100s of them. We thought it would be nice to occasionally discuss some of the books we’ve seen as technical reviewers…

The book PowerShell and WMI (a collection of Windows management facilities) teaches how to use the combination by example. The book contains 150 examples (all ready to use scripts) that simplify day-to-day management tasks and demonstrate best practices. The scripts discuss tasks related to system hardware and configuration, disk systems, registry and file system administration, services and processes, printers, network adapters, IIS, server configuration, users and security, logs, jobs, and performance, and administering Hyper-V. It’s written by Richard Siddaway, a PowerShell MVP.

If you’re looking for a book about the topic of WMI and PowerShell, there really isn’t much competition. If you’re interested, check out:

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