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SPUtility.SendEmail() limit

The SPUtility.SendEmail() method has a limit of the max number of characters on a single line: 2048. However, you can divide the message body in chunks of several lines, thereby circumventing the maximum: Alternatively, you can send emails directly, using code like this:

System.Net.Mail.MailMessage message = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage();
message.From = new System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(objWeb.Site.WebApplication.OutboundMailSenderAddress);
message.To.Add(new System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(objTcnlSite.AcmaEmail));
message.Subject = Subject;
message.Body = Body;
message.IsBodyHtml = true;
System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient smtpClient = new System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient(objWeb.Site.WebApplication.OutboundMailServiceInstance.Server.Address);
smtpClient.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
smtpClient = null;

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