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Keep your focus – Kyteman

Someone once gave us the advice that every blog should have a focus point. In our case, that’s easy, our main focus point is and remains SharePoint. Most of our posts are directly related to this topic. The second part of the advice was that you can do off-topic blog posts up to a maximum of 20%. And that, if you choose to do an off-topic post, you should choose it well.

Well, here it is. Our first off-topic post. It’s completely unrelated to SharePoint, instead it’s related to music. Kyteman is a young Dutch musician, and there are times when we think he just might be brilliant. Or, as puts it, Kyteman was born with an unusual gift for music. Our non-Dutch readers probably won’t know him, therefore we thought it a wonderful idea to introduce him. In the Netherlands, he made impact with this performance:

Kyteman wants to break down genre barriers and mixes them to, according to himself, “a collection of sounds, somewhere between opera, hip-hop, drum & bass, electro, minimalism and all kinds of other genres that I can’t even begin to describe, for I don’t have the words for them. All the instrumentals for this record were done in one take, with practically no edits whatsoever. So we played everything exactly as you hear it on the album.”

Here’s another sample (and his latest single) of what he can do:

Or check the complete version:

So, what do you think? Have you seen another newcomer surprising and pleasing you more in the last couple of years? If so, we’d sure be interested to hear who that is!

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