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SharePoint/Outlook integration

Probably you recognize this situation… A customer comes up to you and says in an accusing and demanding tone: why doesn’t SharePoint have feature X, it’s absolutely ridiculous that it doesn’t have it! They then look at us as if it’s our fault and then, later, whenever you meet ‘em at the coffee machine, they bring up the subject again – and again – and again (okay, this experience pales to whatever happens when you meet a Java developer/Linux guy/Mac adept, but that’s a different story).

Note that on the flip side, we’ve also experienced that customers thank us at the bottom of their hearts for ootb SharePoint functionality for which we had to do close to nothing. We’re a bit embarrassed when that happens, but we’ll take it as change for the negative stuff.

The things we get bashed about most is this:

  • Search functionality (lots of confusion there).
  • Lacking Intra-document security.
  • SharePoint/Outlook integration.
  • Social features.

As you may have guessed from the title, we need to say something about the SharePoint/Outlook integration. Nowadays, there are lots of commercial products offer solutions in this area. Today, our eyes rested upon a new one we didn’t know before and best of all (okay, that depends on the context) is that it is free:

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