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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The hidden TimeCard list template

We didn’t really notice it before (okay, and didn’t really miss it either), but it exists nonetheless: the hidden TimeCard list template.

  1. Activate the Group Work Lists feature of the site.
  2. Choose Site Settings > Manage site features > Activate Group Work Lists feature .

After activating this feature, you can create a TimeCard list in SharePoint Designer:

  1. Open the site in SharePoint Designer .
  2. Choose File > Add Item > More Lists > Time Card.
  3. The Time Card list will be created with a default view called My Time Card .This is the MyTCard.aspx page .You can edit it in SharePoint Designer or in browser .


Colligo goes IPad!

This morning, we received an e-mail that Colligo is trying to bridge the world of SharePoint and IPad:

Workplace use of iPads is skyrocketing – be they corporate-sanctioned or personally-owned.  For companies, the security, compliance and legal challenges involved in having employees store corporate data on their iPads cannot be ignored.

Colligo just released a product that addresses many of the security and deployment issues that organizations are encountering as they try to provide support for the iPads that users are bring to work.

Colligo Briefcase Pro provides secure access to SharePoint on the iPad and I was hoping you’d be interested in reviewing the product.

Here are some product highlights:

  • Colligo Briefcase lets users easily store, view, find and share files, lists, images, documents and emails, including Outlook .msg files, in SharePoint.
  • SharePoint content is automatically synchronized to the iPad, providing instant access to that content, even when offline.
  • Colligo Briefcase enable organizations to leverage their secure SharePoint infrastructure to sync content to an iPad, rather than having users rely on consumer-grade file sharing services such as Dropbox
  • Colligo Briefcase works seamlessly with all of Colligo’s enterprise SharePoint solutions for desktops, laptops and smartphones.
  • An Enterprise version of Colligo Briefcase is available, that enables organizations to centrally manage iPads, push out configurations, and set a number of additional security features, including remote wipe

We were expecting a product like this, and look forward to give it a test spin!

Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF)

A must have for every SharePoint developer starting with Office 365 development: MSOCAF ( ): a tool used to check code before submitting it to Microsoft for BPOS/Office365.

SharePoint 2010 crawl database best practice

Just created a Wiki page containing best practices regarding the size of the SharePoint crawl database:

Redirect to another location after submitting an InfoPath form

Which SharePoint API to use?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on which SharePoint API you should use and when:

SharePoint list form vs Form Library Form

This blog post provides an excellent overview of the differences between the two of them:

Ever had problems where the SharePoint crawl database is ridiculously high?

After time, it can contain huge amounts (literally 10s of GBs) of empty space. You need to truncate the log file, restore the crawl database or possibly rebuild the crawl database and turn on Auto Shrink:

Best practice regarding copying of permissions of SharePoint site collections

Calculating the size of SPS crawl and property databases

Great capacity planning resource containing some formulas for calculating the size of both crawl and property databases: