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Determine the current user in a SPS 2010 workflow

What to do when you want to determine the current user in a workflow? It’s possible that the workflow runs inside the w3wp.exe worker process, in which case the current user makes sense. But it’s also possible that a workflow runs inside the owstimer.exe process, at a later time. In these cases, the current user doesn’t make sense. Instead, use the workflow originator or initiator.

To get the e-mail adress of the originator user:




To get the display name of the originator user:




To get the login name (format [domain name]\[user name]:


These techniques can be used in workflows that are created programmatically. In a SPD (no-code) workflow, you can also retrieve the workflow initiator’s e-mail address: use the User Profile web service as a data form web part in the .aspx page of the workflow to get the e-mail address whenever the initiator started the workflow.

For ongoing work regarding workflow current user retrieval best practices, see: Thanks to for the info.

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