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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Uninstalling Dashboard Designer

Dashboard Designer is a ClickOnce application that is the tool for creating PerformancePoint Services scorecards and dashboards. You can’t remove it from the Windows Control Panel using the Add/Remove Programs option. If you want to remove Dashboard Designer  from a client machine by doing the following:

  1. Delete the shortcut on the Start menu .
  2. Delete everything under %userprofile%/local settings/apps/2.0.

The last step also removes the other ClickOnce apps, but they can be downloaded again once needed.

Nice custom workflow activity for copying attachments

This is a nice CodePlex project that’s able to copy list item attachments to other locations: List Item Extended Activity&ProjectName=spdactivities

Using folders or not?

Nowadays lots of people tend to recommend not to use list folders in favor of views. Just came across an interesting bit of info at folders improve the efficiency of data access. Creating a folder also leads to the creation of an internal index (which is also created for the root folder). When you access items in a folder, you’re leveraging this internal index to access data.

Move a site collection to another content database

Nice article that discusses how to move a site collection to another SharePoint content database:

SharePoint 2010 best practices overview

Does SharePoint 2010 support video streaming?