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The SharePoint Administration Toolkit for SharePoint 2010

A nice addition to your bag of tricks: the SharePoint Administration Toolkit. It contains:

  • A load testing kit to simulate load against a SharePoint farm and is intended to help to determine if a new environment is able to handle the current load (it analyzes IIS log files in order to do that).
  • A User Profile Replication Engine, allows you to replicate user profiles as  well as social data (such as tags, notes and ratings).
  • A Security Configuration Wizard manifest, an attack surface reduction tool that disables functionality that is not required.
  • A Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) connector that allows users to interact with data that is stored in any repository that implements the CMIS standard.
  • And probably the best tool of the batch, SharePoint Diagnostic Studio 2010, a tool that simplifies troubleshooting. This tool is also used by Microsoft support personnel.

If you’re interested, go check out

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