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SharePoint 2013 Best Practices page Update

The popular SharePoint 2013 Best Practice page, a Wiki initiative of Margriet, has been updated again:

SharePoint 2013: How to go UP?

Going up can be a little bit difficult in SharePoint 2013, especially for newcomers. To address the issue, here’s a list of things you can do:

The question how to deal with going one level up in navigation is an ongoing discussion, the latest version can be found on the following Wiki page:

Enabling the DeskTop Experience

We’ve added how to enable the DeskTop Experience on a Windows Server 2012 machine to the Wiki article How to Create a SharePoint 2013 Dev Environment. This is a crucial step if you want to work with opening libs via Windows Explorer, adding network mappings etc. You can find it here:

Iris and the Little Moon Bear

Margriet’s latest TechNet Wiki Ninja post. For sure, different than normal:

SkyDrive Pro

Working with ISO Images

Currently our favorite tool for working with working with ISO images: Even easier than MagicDisc.

Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings

Margriet’s latest TechNet Wiki blog post is here: It talks about a new ranking mechanism that’s aiming to get you some cool prizes, such as the MCC award. So check it out and let’s hear what you think!

SharePoint 2013 Best Practices

The ever changing and improving SharePoint 2013 best practices has undergone some improvement cycles. Check the latest version at

Tips for backing up SharePoint Online

We’ve accumulated the most common tips for backing up a SharePoint Online environment at Feel free to make additions!

Great installer tool: Ninite

A tool tip: Ninite is great for installing all sorts of handy apps and frameworks (such as Skype, Spotify, .NET framework, various imaging tools and such). Check it out at