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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Web Essentials

Web Essentials is a really handy tool that adds features to Visual Studio that make working with CSS easier. The coolest feature is that it’s able to generate CSS for other browsers/platforms automatically. Get it here:

Fishbone: Waiting for CKSDev

We’re writing this in advance, so it’s possible that a version of CKSDev for the combi of VS.NET 2012/SharePoint 2013 has been released, but in the mean time, check out the Fishbone Systems VS.NET 2012 extension at : it allows you to copy to the SharePoint root, perform an iisreset, reset the SharePoint Timer Service, and copy DLLs to the GAC. Maybe not as cool as CKSDev, but still very useful!

More PowerGUI

If you read our previous post about the separate PowerGUI tool, you may also be interested in the Visual Studio extension that adds PowerShell IntelliSense support to Visual Studio. Not too shabby, eh? Find it at


Lately, we’ve been doing PowerShell scripting using the PowerGUI freeware tool and we’re quite happy with it. Check it out at , it will be worth the time.